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Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Numerologists, Vastu Consultant, Hypnotherapy, Past-life Regression Specialist, Gemologist, Coffee Readers, Pranic Healers, and more. You can talk to them via our Chat, Call or Video feature by downloading the app.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Astrology for real?

No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow, do they? Still, we wish to take a peek at everything that appears to be on the cards so that we are better prepared to deal with challenges that lie ahead and never let once-in-a-lifetime opportunities slip away. And that’s exactly what takes us closure to the astrology – the study of the impact that cosmic objects such as stars and planets have on human lives. If you believe in astrology and prefer to chart out your future course of action based on horoscopes, we have got you covered with our app for Android and iPhone.

Who are Zapakoo Experts?

Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Numerologists, Pranic healers, Vastu Consultant, Hypnotherapy, Past-life regression specialist, Gemologist. All experts at Zapakoo experts are verified and genuine.

How can i talk to Zapaka Experts?

Zapakoo has over 500 experts who can be contacted by downloading our app.  You can recieve consultation via our Chat, Call or Video feature. 

How can i talk to Zapaka Experts?

We collect information to provide you the best experience when you use Zapakoo Services. If you provide us personal information about yourself and others, our experts will only use that information for the specific reason for which it was provided to us.

What can i find out at Zapakoo?

Zapakoo is great for users who want to understand the broad takeaways of their astrology reading, without getting in the weeds on vocabulary or star signs. At Zapakoo you can expect down-to-earth language and insights on your life, on foundation, development, and relationships through our verified experts. 

Can Astrology predictions be changed?

Astrological predictions may change in several cases. First is when an astrologer unintentionally makes a mistake in locating the position of the planets. In such a case, the predictions can go wrong. Secondly, if you have provided the wrong information, especially the date and time of your birth, then astrology predictions are subject to change.

How safe are my personal details with Zapakoo?

Zapakoo will never sell your Personal Information to third parties, nor will we disclose your Personal Information to third parties for direct marketing purposes.

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