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Introducing our delightful take-away Sundae Tubs, designed to bring the indulgence of our sundaes right to the comfort of your home. Each tub is a perfect treat, filled with rich, creamy goodness and a burst of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Choose from a tempting array of flavors, including the chocolate lover’s dream, “Choco Blocka,” the decadent “Brownie Fudge,” and the classic favorite, “Bada Gudbud.” For those with a penchant for luxury, try “The Red Velvet” or “Berry Mascarpone.” For a taste of the tropics, dive into “Pina Colada,” or savor the unique blend of flavors in “Cranberry Cravings.”

Available in two convenient sizes, 500 ml for a generous serving and 150 ml for a smaller treat, our Sundae Tubs are perfect for any occasion, whether you’re craving a sweet escape or celebrating life’s little moments. Experience the joy of our take-away Sundae Tubs today!