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With a strategic campaign plan, we orchestrate the seamless launch of Polar Bear – The Ice Cream Sundae Zone in many cities building on its legacy as the largest ice cream parlour chain in South India. We craft visuals that not only showcased the delectable offerings but also resonated with the vibrant spirit of the brand, setting the stage for Polar Bear’s grand entrance in locations like Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Tirupur, Etc..

For Hyderabad, Enlisting Payal Rajput as the brand ambassador added star power, bridging the gap between the South Indian legacy and the new market, creating a compelling narrative for Polar Bear.

Launching a digital blizzard on social media platforms, we harnessed the brand’s South Indian legacy to create anticipation, ensuring a warm welcome for Polar Bear in strategic locations

Strategic influencer collaborations fueled excitement, leveraging the brand’s established reputation to garner attention and enthusiasm among the Hyderabad audience.

Our performance marketing strategies seamlessly translated the brand’s success into targeted promotions, facilitating increased footfall and engagement in the new market.

From being the largest ice cream parlour chain in South India, Polar Bear’s successful launch in other cities marked the beginning of its triumphant journey into new territories.

Results: Polar Bear’s expansion exemplifies a strategic blend of regional prominence and city-specific appeal. The brand’s journey continues, leaving a trail of sweet success and delight in every corner it ventures into.

Photoshoot – 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023