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Chicken Stop

Chicken Stop, an offspring of Kewalramani Hatcheries, was established in 2004 by the visionary second generation of the Kewalramani family. The hatachry has been a prominent player in India’s poultry industry since 1945.

Client Background:
Fueled by the desire to continue the family legacy, the Kewalramani siblings approached Triloke, a digital marketing and branding agency, to catapult Chicken Stop into the modern era. The challenge was not merely to sell poultry products but to build a traditional brand into a powerhouse, catering to contemporary consumer demands. Apart from providing clean, hygenically processed chicken, ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat products, Chicken Stop processed meat for international players like Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF), global top three producer of poultry and Big Basket, a prominent online supermarket.

Triloke’s Go-to-Market strategy for Chicken Stop’s blended online and offline channels seamlessly, ensuring a widespread and engaging presence for the brand. Leveraging a comprehensive approach, it strategically positioned Chicken Stop to capture the market’s attention, fostering a strong connection with consumers from the very beginning.

Triloke’s Approach:

Brand Development:
Nomenclature: Triloke strategically named the brand Chicken Stop, embodying simplicity and impact.
Playful Tagline: “Succulent Thighs, Juicy Breasts, and Great Legs” was crafted to inject playfulness, capturing attention, and creating a memorable association.

Comprehensive Branding:
Store Design: Physical stores were designed to reflect the brand’s image, ensuring a cohesive and inviting customer experience.
Go-to-Market Strategy: A comprehensive strategy was developed to position Chicken Stop effectively in the market, covering both online and offline channels.

Digital Strategy: Online Presence: Triloke developed an engaging website, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly interface for online customers.

Social Media Integration: Leveraging the power of social media, Triloke created a robust presence, engaging with the audience through strategic campaigns.

Customer Acquisition Focus: The focus shifted from optimizing for purchases to customer acquisition, with custom events tracking and celebrating every new customer entering the ecosystem.

Creative Personalization: Triloke analyzed and personalized creatives based on platforms, customer segments, funnel stage, and regional preferences, significantly improving conversion rates.

Strategic Collaborations with Industry Giants: Beyond catering to numerous HORECA clients, Chicken Stop’s collaboration with CP and Big Basket showcased its industry influence, eventually leading to an undisclosed acquisition in 2019.


• Chicken Stop experienced a surge in brand recognition and customer engagement.
• The playful and attractive tagline contributed to a memorable brand image.
• The acquisition-focused strategy led to a steady increase in the customer base.
• Creative personalization contributed to a notable improvement in conversion rates.
• Strategic collaborations with industry leaders strengthened Chicken Stop’s position in the market.

Chicken Stop and Triloke collaboration exemplifies how a strategic branding coupled with an amazing go-to-market strategy, can revitalize a legacy brand, ensuring it not only adapts to the modern era but thrives in it with a touch of playfulness and attraction.